A day in the life of Hayley, a Bristol Quality Cleaning team member.

Have you ever wondered what happens after you and your staff go home? How your working environment is refreshed for the challenges of the new working day? Now you can find out...




5.55 p.m.

I arrive at Orega and check in with my customer liaison contact. I need to know if there are any issues that need addressing or require changes to the established cleaning routine.

Hayley, Bristol Quality Cleaning team member, signing in for her shift.

6.00 p.m.

The cleaning team arrive and I brief them concerning any special customer requests, nasty spillages needing special treatment or warnings about blocked toilets. I also to tell the cleaning team about late working staff. Once the briefing is over I hand out keys and set my team to work.


6.05 p.m.

The cleaning team begins their work which includes collecting crockery and cutlery from various offices, unloading and reloading the dishwasher and starting the machine using the  eco-cycle option.


6.25 p.m.

I now pitch in alongside the rest of the cleaning team. There are desks that need to be wiped down with damp cloths, bins have to be emptied (and bin liners replaced) and floors to vacuum. Even skirting boards and walls are needing a good scrub.

Hayley giving the flat services a thorough clean with a microfibre cloth.

6.55 p.m.

I dash back to the kitchen area and empty and reload the dishwasher again. That's a lot of crockery and cutlery!


7.05 p.m.

I rejoin the team to help clean the remaining offices and corridors. We pay close attention to dusting the fire extinguishers, we don't want any unexpected discharges, and give the light fittings a good buff.


7.35 p.m.

The evening dishwasher marathon finally comes to an end and we put away the crockery and cutlery. Then we clean the kitchen area, spruce up the microwave, empty the bins (always remembering to replace the bin liners) and descale the taps.

8.00 p.m.

Now to the toilets where we scrub, wipe, polish and sanitise until everything sparkles.


8.30 p.m.

The evening's cleaning tasks are completed so I gather the team together and collect the keys from them. I ask the team about any issues or problems they've encountered and enter it all in the communications log. The customer will see it in the morning and they need to be informed of any problems or outstanding issues. If there was a serious issue then I'd be on the phone to Nick Mills to get him involved. Thankfully, there's no problems or issues to deal with tonight.

Hayley, her work finished for the day, relaxes before heading home.

8.35 p.m.

I confirm that all work has been completed, secure the premises and set the alarm. I head on home for a well deserved rest but I know that the cleaner's job is never done. We'll be back tomorrow to do it all again.